Comprehensive Leasing & Financing Services

Leasing medical imaging equipment is a practical, budget-friendly solution for many healthcare providers, allowing you to have more working capital. Med Image Systems is happy to to offer customized, competitive financing plans for qualified clients.

We Provide:

  • 4-6 Hour Credit Decisions On All Applications
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Responsive, Friendly Service
  • Programs For “Start Ups” And Newer Businesses
  • Flexible Programs Designed To Suit Your Needs
  • Application Only To $250k
  • Up To 100% Of The Equipment Cost Upfront Before Delivery

Customized Financing Solutions

Benefits of Leasing

Wondering whether leasing is right for you? There are many benefits to leasing equipment; read on to see how leasing with Med Image Systems could help you.

No Down Payments! Lease 100%

Our leases finance 100% of the cost of the equipment. Plus, you can include “soft” costs in your lease such as shipping, software, training, and installation, and extended warranty periods.

Unlike a bank loan, no down payment or compensating balances are required.

Improved Cash Flow, More Working Capital

Cash is not tied up in equipment. Instead, money is available for opportunities such as marketing, working capital, or seasonal cash flow needs.

Preserve Your Credit Lines

Your existing lines of credit and borrowing availability are left untouched and ready to use for operational & short-term financing needs.

Tax Benefits

Unlike loan payments, lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.

Overcome Budget Limitations

More & more businesses, both large and small are faced with limited capital budgets in today’s financial climate. Finding the right equipment you need to fit within that budget can be challenging.

Fast Approval Process

The approval process is fast and efficient. Just fill out the form below so we can send you an application. The application is reviewed and in most cases, applications can be approved in 4 to 6 hours.