Frequent Asked Questions

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are seeking to maximize value and quality in the services they provide.  Everyone knows that refurbished medical imaging equipment costs significantly less than new.  In fact, hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics can save anywhere from 25% to 70% by choosing high quality refurbished equipment.  But cost isn’t the only factor in deciding which option is the best decision for your facility.

Our commitment to quality begins long before the refurbishing process.  We inspect hundreds of used medical imaging systems all across the country, and less than one out of every ten systems we inspect meets our quality standards.  During the refurbishment process, all system components are put through a series of tests to ensure that they operate at OEM specifications.  If any component is found to not meet our quality standards, it is replaced and the entire system is tested again.

We stand behind our commitment.  All of our refurbished medical imaging equipment is available with a 12 months warranty and an extended service agreement.  Our flexible coverage options allow you to customize a service plan that best suits your needs.  With any of our service plans, you’ll be provided with a 24/7 service hotline.

No one wants to experience unnecessary downtime, but all medical imaging equipment, whether purchased new or refurbished, is subject to wear and tear from regular use.  The best way to prevent downtime is to have preventative maintenance performed on a regular basis. We recommend at least two PMs per year for CT and MRI, possibly up to four considering patient throughput and environmental conditions. Of course, there is no way to completely prevent all malfunctions, but effective preventative maintenance will often allow you to identify problems before they occur.

Medical imaging equipment can be a significant investment for any facility, and it makes sense to protect your investment with an extended service agreement.  But with so many options available, deciding which plan best suits your needs isn’t always simple.  Here’s a clear rundown of the types of coverage offered in each plan.

Full Coverage Service Agreement

A full coverage service plan provides complete protection for your medical imaging equipment. This plan will minimize risk and keep your equipment in the best possible condition.  An annual fee includes all equipment upkeep including replacement parts, repair service, and scheduled preventative maintenance.  Our full coverage agreements typically cost 35% – 60% less than the OEMs, and multi-year and multi-modality agreements offer the biggest savings.   All of our service plans include a 24/7 service hotline.

Unlimited Labor Agreement

With the unlimited labor plan, you receive a straight forward monthly total that covers all labor for repair service, no matter how many times a service engineer comes to your facility.  Often equipment can be repaired without replacing any parts, but if the engineer needs a part to complete the repair, you pay for the part, but you get a 25% to 50% discount below the OEM price. 

Unlimited Parts Agreement

If you have service engineers on staff, this is a great option is for you. This plan offers coverage for replacement parts at 25% to 50% below OEM pricing. We have an inventory of replacement parts for GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, and other manufacturers, and we have a national network of suppliers for parts that we don’t keep in stock.  

Discounted Time & Materials Agreement

The Time and Materials Agreement might be best for you if you have a facility and are able to tolerate some risk. We offer discounted rates on parts and labor with a 12 month commitment, and we include routine preventative maintenance at no cost to you.

Flexible Service Agreement

You can combine features from any of the above plans to create the coverage that best suits your needs.