The refurbished Siemens Symphony 1.5T is among the most popular and affordable high resolution MRI scanners in the world. The Siemens Symphony 1.5T combines a patient-friendly design with the benefits of 1.5 Tesla field strength in terms of short imaging time and high anatomical resolution. Its scalability covers routine to clinical research MRI.

Each refurbished Siemens Symphony 1.5T MRI machine features a set of matrix coils that can flexibly combine up to 76 coil elements for unlimited parallel imaging. And the Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T MRI features syngo SPACE, which replaces time-consuming multiple 2D acquisitions with a single 3D image, allowing you to visualize very small details.

Siemens Symphony 1.5T MRI System Features

  • Open, patient-friendly design
  • Lightweight, comfortable coils
  • Feet-first access into bore
  • iPAT (integrated Parallel Acquisition Technique)
  • High Patient Throughput
  • High Patient Comfort
  • Scalability from routine to clinical research
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost-Effective Siting
  • High Patient Throughput

  •  6-Channel Body
  •  8-Channel Head
  • CP Body Array Flex Coil and Extender
  • CP Breast Array
  • CP Extremity
  • CP Flex, Large
  • CP Flex, Small
  • CP Head Array
  • CP Neck Array
  • CP Spine Array
  • Double Loop Array
  • Endorectal Coil Interface
  • Large FoV Adapter
  • Loop Flex, large
  • Loop Flex, small
  • Peripheral CP Angio Array Coil, Adapter
  • Shoulder Array
  • syngo BLADE
  • syngo SWI
  • Image Fusion
  • Neuro Perfusion Evaluation
  • Composing
  • syngo Expert-i
  • 31 P Spectroscopy
  • 3D PACE
  • 3D VRT
  • syngo Security
  • Advanced 3D Imaging Package
  • Advanced Angio
  • Advanced Turbo
  • Argus Dynamic Signal
  • Argus Flow
  • Argus Function
  • Argus Viewer on syngo Acquisition Workplace
  • Argus Viewer
  • AutoAlign
  • BOLD 3D Evaluation
  • BOLD Imaging
  • Breast Biopsy
  • CARE Bolus
  • Chemical Shift
  • Echo Planar Imaging
  • Flow Quantification
  • Fly Through
  • Interactive Realtime Imaging
  • Multinuclear Option
  • Panoramic Table for Integrated Panoramic Positioning
  • Single Voxel Spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopy Evaluation
  • TGSE – Turbo Gradient Spin Echo
  • Vessel View

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iPAT (Integrated Parallel Acquisition Technology) – iPAT minimizes scan time up to 75%, permits shorter breath hold times, and ultimately increases patient relaxation. iPAT allows you to perform multiple exams in a single setup, increasing patient throughput and patient satisfaction.

TIM Upgrade

Tim (Total imaging matrix) coil technology provides superior image quality and faster acquisition speed.  Whole-body coverage means no re-positioning for multiples exams and more exams per day.
Your benefits:

  • Exceptional image quality
  • Faster acquisition and exam time
  • Higher SNR


  • Select exams, not coils
  • Up to 76 matrix coil elements and 32 RF channels
  • Head-to-toe imaging without patient repositioning


  • Local and total whole-body imaging, while maintaining a high SNR
  • Excellent image quality with high coil density
  • Seamlessly scan up to 205 cm with excellent image quality


  • Utilize parallel imaging (iPAT) in all directions
  • High acquisition speed, high resolution
  • Shorter examination times allow increased throughput