The refurbished Siemens SIRESKOP SD system will make working in the fluoroscopy room of both hospitals and private practices easier. In addition to self-explanatory controls that are fast and intuitive to learn, this innovative system distinguishes itself with its ergonomic features.

Refurbished Siemens Sireskop SD

  • SIRESKOP SD is a high-end undertable R/F system with up to +90°/–90° table tilt
  • VIDEOMED S or DH high-resolution TV system
  • SIRECON 33-4 or SIRECON 40-4 HDR 40cm image intensifier
  • POLYDOROS SX 65 (65kW) or SX 80 (80kW) HF generator with fluoro control and automatic exposure control
  • Monitor SIMOMED 44cm