The Selenia Dimensions 2D acquisition workstation features integrated x-ray control capabilities and an image acquisition console that offers a unique ergonomic design and an efficient user interface. An intuitive touchscreen display and an icon-driven user interface make it easy to use, improving patient throughput.

Images can be acquired and reviewed within seconds, and the imaging parameters can be adjusted quickly to meet the requirements of the examination. Several weeks of mammography examinations can stay locally on the acquisition workstation, to efficiently accommodate recalls.

Selenia Dimensions 2D has built-in quality controls which streamline system QC and assures optimal performance. Reject and repeat analysis reports are generated automatically, greatly simplifying administrative reporting. Altogether it`s a better way to capture, analyze and share information across the team.

The refurbished Selenia Dimensions system offers:

  • Exceptionally sharp images.
  • Groundbreaking breast 3D mammography technology.
  • Seamless transition between imaging modes.
  • Advanced user tools to simplify operation.
  • Ergonomic design for patient comfort and ease of operation.

– Constant Potential High Frequency Generator
– kV Range – 20 kVp to 39 kVp
– mAs Range – 3 mAs to 400 mAs
– 26.5 to 55 inch Vertical C-Arm Travel
– +195 to -150 Degree C-arm Rotation
– 66 cm SID
– X-Ray Tube – Tungsten Bi-Angular, High Speed
– Filtration – 0.060 microns Rhodium (Rh) and 0.060 microns Silver (AG) Filters
– Focal Spot Sizes – 0.3 mm (Large); 0.1 mm (Small)
– Dual Compression Mechanism
– Dual Function Footswitches (2)
– Compression Paddles
– 24 x 30 cm FAST Paddle
– Smart Paddle System
– 18 x 24 cm FAST Paddle
– 7.5 cm Spot Contact Paddle
– 10 cm Contact Paddle
– Small Breast Paddle
– Frameless Spot Paddle
– Magnification Package
– Magnification Platform
– 7.5 cm Spot Magnification Paddle
– 10 cm Magnification Paddle
– Digital Image Receptor (ASY-00834)
– Amorphous Selenium TFT Detector
– LORAD HTC Anti-scatter Grid
– Grid Auto-Retractor Mechanism for Geometric Magnification Views
– 24 x 29 cm Effective Imaging Area
– 2560 X 3328 and 3328 x 4096 Image Matrix Sizes
– 70 μm Pixel Size
– >7 lp/mm Limiting Spatial Resolution
– MTF @ Nyquist Frequency >0.40
– DQE at 0 cycles/mm > 50%
– 20 to 30 Degree Ambient Operating Temperature
– Acquisition Console
– Workstation has a flat, free form desk top. Monitor, mouse and keyboard are not locked into position which provides the user the ability to customize their work space. (The monitor swing arm is not available on this console)
– Small Footprint Design
– UNIX Based Platform, Sun Solaris 10 Operating System
– 3 GB Memory
– 250 GB Hard Drive
– Temporary Storage for 4,000 – 6,000 Images
– CDRW for Temporary Image Archiving in DICOM Part 10 Format
– High Brightness 20 inch 2MP Flat Panel Display
– Keyboard and Bar Code Reader
– Ethernet 10/100 Base T Connection
– DICOM Services (Worklist, Print, Storage, Storage Commitment, Query/Retrieve, Modality Performed Procedure Step)


Faster and lower dose 3D exams are now possible with the C-View software option.

The Hologic Selenia can reconstruct 2D images from Hologic 3D Mammography data without the need for 2D exposures. Images generated from C-View software can be used in place of traditional 2D images as part of the 3D breast exam. The 2D images and 3D slices are reviewed together to make a clinical decision or diagnosis. C-View software makes lower dose Hologic 3D Mammography exams possible — and the combined 3D and C-View exam offers superior clinical performance compared with 2D alone.

  • Images that can be instantly viewed on a 3MP DICOM-calibrated display, providing exceptionally fine detail.
  • Allows prior breast imaging studies to be recalled, making it possible to view new and prior images side-by-side.
  • Retractable to help when positioning patients.
  • Stationary during 3D imaging, allowing patients to be positioned as they are for 2D imaging.
  • Conforms to natural contours of the breast, providing greater comfort to the patient and more even compression across the entire breast.
  • All paddles used for 2D and 3D imaging.
  • Streamlined tube head and SID of 70 cm, making positioning easier and providing more space for interventional procedures.
  • 2D only.
  • 2D + 3D.*
  • C-View 2D + 3D.
  • 3D only (for diagnostic use).*

Each system is capable of interventional procedures using the Affirm breast biopsy guidance system (link to Affirm system product page). This system offers both stereotactic and 3D biopsy procedure options.

  • Earlier detection of breast cancers.
  • Clearer lesion images.
  • Reduction in the number of unnecessary biopsies, minimizing patient anxiety and unnecessary costs.