GE Proteus Rad Room

The Proteus XR/a is a full-featured fixed radiography system designed to address almost any clinical need. It’s designed to accommodate your imaging requirements—and your operating budget. With our DR Imaging Option, you can easily convert your Proteus XR/a analog system to digital, thanks to FlashPad*, our next-generation wireless digital detector. If not today, here are reasons to go digital when you’re ready:

  • Convert to digital in as little as one day; with minimal downtime or interruption
  • Help support productivity through digital workflow
  • Maximize your investment by sharing FlashPad with compatible GE x-ray systems

As a general purpose radiographic system, Proteus XR/a offers:

  • Broad clinical flexibility to address your basic radiographic needs
  • Excellent image quality with dose efficiency to enhance your staff’s clinical confidence
  • Ease of use to help support staff productivity
  • Outstanding reliability to help ensure maximum uptime


  • FlashPad wireless digital detector is a single panel (non-tiled) amorphous silicon detector with a Cesium Iodide scintillator
  • Wireless connectivity from detector to system
  • FlashPad detector designed for mobile use – 2 handles offer a secure grip
  • Detector battery can take up to 50 exposures per hour and provide enough power for 3 hours of use on a single charge
  • High-frequency, state-of-the-art generator available in 32/50/65/80 kW power ratings incorporated into a space-saving cabinet
  • Overhead Tube Support (OTS)
  • Patient-side control of techniques and receptors, including true source to image distance (SID) and angle displays
  • Elevating table with a four-way floating table top
  • Technician-designed user interface utilizing a 10.4 in. LCD touch screen display with anatomical programming
  • Counter-balanced manually positioned wall stand with electromagnetic lock releases on both sides of the stand for simple positioning
  • Automatic/manual collimation with cassette size sensing available for both the table and wall stand
  • Three field ionization chamber detector
  • Linear tomography with automatic exposure termination (AET)


The Proteus XR/a radiographic system offers the flexibility to choose a configuration based upon your specific requirements. It can help expand your x-ray potential through digital upgrades and product configuration options.

It is an affordable, high-quality general radiographic system with freedom of movement and configurations for a wide range of table, wall stand, wheelchair and stretcher examinations. Its robust design helps ensure outstanding reliability in demanding environments, making the Proteus XR/a well suited for general purpose radiography in hospitals, clinics and private offices.

By adding the DR Imaging Option to your existing analog Proteus XR/a system, you’ll have a digital solutuion that consists of a wireless detector, acquisition workstation and system interface unit that can be integrated into your existing and new Proteus XR/a rooms. The FlashPad wireless digital detector can be shared between compatible GE x-ray systems, making it an investment in the future.

Design that matches the rigors of an x-ray environment and the way you work

  • Square shape allows for maneuvering in any direction—behind and beside your patient—for ease of positioning and patient comfort.
  • Two handles offer a secure grip to help prevent droppage and ease user fatigue.
  • Single-panel, non-tiled construction helps eliminate blind zones.
  • Fluid resistance, patented cushioning system, and carbon graphite materials help ensure durability, minimizing breakage and replacement needs.
  • Large active imaging area means additional coverage, and can accommodate a distributed weight load up to 352 lbs.

Shareability and versatility that maximize your investment

  • Easy shareability means FlashPad can be used across compatible GE radiography systems.
  • Built-in advanced application capabilities help ensure that your growing radiology needs can be met down the road.

Seamless connectivity for fast, reliable, and secure data transfer

  • Short-range, Ultra-Wideband technology coexists with your hospital’s information network so that real-time data is transmitted where and when you need it.
  • Connectivity protocol complies to FCC and global wireless standards.
  • Dedicated channel is equipped to handle large file size
  • Detector Size 41 cm x 41 cm
  • Active Matrix 2022 x 2022 pixels
  • Image Depth 14 Bit
  • Pixel Pitch 200 microns
  • Typical Dynamic Range 0.6 uR – 7.8 mR @ RQA5
  • Typical DQE 68% (@ 0lp and RQA5, per IEC 62220-1)
  • Available options include: Wireless, Docked, or tethered