GE Advantx Digital R/F

The refurbished GE Advantx Legacy Digital R/F Room is of optimal design and quality, both in the variety of its applications and in its anatomical scope, all with reduced exposure time as well as cost. The Legacy can be used for traditional R&F exams, but has the capacity for angiographic as well as interventional procedures. Study after study, scientists have found that the Legacy demonstrates excellence in every aspect of the imaging process, due to its calculated exposures, gain and brightness controls, and patented EDR 11 (Extended Dynamic Range) circuitry, designed specifically to minimize blooming.

  • 16-Slice
  • Philips MRC 600 8.0 MHU X-ray Tube
  • Scan Times; 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2 Seconds
  • RapidView Reconstruction 20 Images per Second
  • 70cm Gantry
  • 60kW Generator
  • Spatial Resolution; Up to 24.0 lp/cm
  • Dell Pentium 3 Dual Xeon CPU, 292GB Hard Disk, 9.1 GB MOD,
  • Flat Panel TFT LCD
  • 450 lbs. Patient Load Capacity
  • Software: ScanTools, ScanTools Pro, Bolus Tracking, DoseRight, Pediatric Protocols, 3D Small Volume Analysis, Logical Guided Flow GUI